January 27, 2012

New Snack Bags

Over a year ago I had made a bunch of snack bags for Mae and for me to use to get my lunch to school. Unfortunately they had seen their better days and were super stinky and in need of replacement. I finally got around to tossing them which was the motivation I needed to sit down and make  new ones.

Last time around I had used a waterproof liner, which was wonderful to make the bags usable for carrots and fruit. However I think that they got stinky because of the liner; I don't think it held up very well in our washing machine. This time I made both the bag and liner out of cotton and after being washed a few times they seem like they will hold up better in the long run. Another change I made was to move the velcro down a bit so there is a half inch lip on the bag allowing Mae to open them easier.
Mae specifically asked for the fire truck fabric as well as the dump truck fabric, not a surprise. I should probably make one more for myself but struggled deciding on which fabric to use.

Someone was pretty stoked!

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