February 18, 2012

Case-e Baby

This kid is getting so big so quick. As in eighteen pounds at four months so big! Mae started school this past week so I had a whole morning to hang out with just him. The light was good in our front room so got some pictures of him and then walked to the park so that he could swing. Of course by the time we get there he was fast asleep in the stroller. Got home in time to start a project for him before having to pick up Mae from school.

I often feel bad because so many of my projects these days are for Mae. Rarely am I making something for the little man. He has grown so quickly that it seems pointless to spend the time for something he will wear for a month or so. However when I came across this hat pattern on pinterest I knew I had to make him one.

It came together quickly and it was nice to be crocheting again. Have already started another for a gift.

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