April 14, 2012

another shirt for me!

A few weeks ago my good friend said she had a sheet for me. Apparently their fitted sheet had a hole so she gave me the flat one to use as fabric. I considered making something for the boys but was informed the fabric was too feminine. Instead I repurposed it into a new top for me.

The pattern is similar to a shirt I own but I altered a few things. I took out some of the puff in the shoulders, added some length to the sleeves, and added a drop back with a ribbon tie. The green ribbon adds a nice color pop to contrast with the neutrals of the fabric.

I am starting to like this sewing for me. Now I just need to try an actual pattern.

1 comment:

  1. I saw your top on madebyrae and loved it for the bow. A closer look revealed the fabric--the same sheets I own and, like your friend, recently found a hole in the fitted sheet. Into my sewing pile they went! So fun!