April 27, 2012

kcwc day four

I bought this pattern. Most things I do for the boys are just self drafted but I bought this one because figured it would be quicker than drafting my own. I was wrong. This vest took me longer than any other garment I have sewed thus far, even the little work pant refashion was quicker.

But with so much time and work I love the outcome. Everything for this vest was upcycled from my stash, The seersucker fabric from old pants, the alligator fabric from a sheet, the pockets from an old knit tee, even the batting is leftover pieces from a quilt I made for Mae.

I added length to the pattern and am glad I did. I also thought for it to be practical in this city's spring it needed thickness so I added a layer of quilt batting for warmth. I also added interior knit pockets so we can continue to find rocks and sticks in our washing machine. Copied Sophie of Cirque Du Bebe for the closure, even down to the fabric covered buttons. The buttons are probably my favorite part.

Mae didn't own a vest until now. When I showed him he asked "What's this? A jacket without sleeves?" He is spot on. A necessity when your spring consists of 50 something and rain most days.

It's day five of kcwc today and don't have much to show for it yet. Hoping to get some sewing done later tonight after the boys are down.

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  1. This one is awesome too. How did I miss it in the KCWC pool? Hey and thanks for the mention hehe, that was a surprise! You definitely choose eye catching fabric combos.