June 29, 2012

boy play: color

Boys. Tactile. Active. Rambunctious. Most days just plain crazy!
I never believed these gender stereotypes to be true but then I had two sons and I couldn't agree with them more. My boys never stop moving.

So Pinterest has become my new best friend for ideas of what to do with them and how to keep them busy.

This activity was a good one that kept us busy for at least a half hour- maybe even 45 minutes. Plus all the things you need should be in your cupboards so its a quick one.
food coloring
cupcake pan
syringe or dropper

We started with just the primary colors and let him play with the water for quite some time. One thing I learned as a teacher; when you introduce new things let them play before trying to direct anything. Once he had mastered the syringe we started with new water and I walked him through making the secondary colors. Mae loved this!

Maybe his favorite was mixing them all at the end, where he exclaimed "brown, kind of like Bailey dog".

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