July 18, 2012


Over at Imagine Gnats they are having a shorts sew along. This turned out to be the motivation I needed to make something else for myself. I used the free pattern pieces from Becky at Owly Baby found here. However I made quite a few changes.

Since I have never made shorts before I just wanted something fast and simple to figure out the size and shape so made a basic short. Maybe like a pajama pant? No pockets, no zipper, no cuff, just a flat waist band with some elastic in the back to hold them on. Also had to some length and size the pattern down a bit.

They came together pretty quickly and I did master matching the pattern on the fabric across pattern pieces. Pretty stoked! They are definitely wearable and super comfy but not sure if they are something I can rock on a daily basis.....maybe to the pool as board shorts?
What do you think? Rock them or keep them as jammies?


  1. Super cool! Love that fabric. Definitely wear these out and about.

  2. Yes! You need to rock those! I think they are really neat and look designer! :)

  3. They are great! I love the fabric, perfect for poolside/beach!