July 5, 2012

tiny tee & tien

I often feel bad because I rarely ever make clothes for Case. I have sound reasoning though: he is growing at an exponential rate, he will eventually wear the stuff I make for Mae, and we have so many hand-me-downs he seriously needs nothing in the clothing arena. However, when we decided to get pictures of the boys again I wanted them both to have on tops made by me so I set to work.

I have fallen in love with the color block look and thought a teeny color block tee would be perfect for my chunky boy. Sad news: in the two weeks since I made the top he's almost grown out of it. Like I said, exponential!

I heart Case in color block captured by Tien Vo. This girl is amazing and has mad talent. A school teacher who does photography on the side; this is the third time we have worked with her and have loved the outcome every time. Plus she gives you a disc with all the pictures. If you are in the Seattle area email me and I'll give you her info.

Working on the final touches to the tutorial for the teeny color block tee. Should be up early next week!


  1. This is soooo cool. Love the colours you've chosen too. They grow so fast don't they!

  2. You are so awesome, thank you for the shout out and support! Your boys are the perfect models and so fun to work with. You are also mad talented at teaching and creating clothes. Love that tee on Case!
    -Tien Vo Tse
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