September 6, 2012


Although Case has started taking steps he is still on all fours pretty much all the time. Plus the kid does not have a personality where he will sit still- he never has! So even if we are on bumpy concrete or even wood chips at our local park he is down roaming. The problem being that he is usually wearing shorts and it kills me to think of how painful it must be for his little knees.

A solution came when my mom emailed me this link for DIY babylegs. Too cute right?

I made some for him and then a couple girl pairs for an upcoming baby shower. I tried a pair with the foot part of the sock as the cuff but didn't like what it looked like. Part of it was the pattern of the socks not lining up quite right but part of it was just wanting something that was a little thinner.

Definitely a project I will do for all the upcoming baby showers. So quick and easy.

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