October 11, 2012

pr&p week 5 and kcwc day4

I was really unsure what to design for the challenge this week. As I thought about the holidays I was immediate drawn to Halloween and then remembered Mae two years ago. A little baby candy corn. The pants and tee he wore were some of my very first garments sewn. So I took on a challenge of my own: recreate the look for Case to see my growth over two years.

The pants. A self drafted pattern to highlight the lines of the corduroy that were dyed to create the mustard color.

The shirt. Flashback Skinny Tee by Rae with a self drafted v-neck using a snap closure. Also used a couple different orange fabrics for detail.

The hat. Crocheted using this tutorial for a gnome hat but edited the pattern to create a teeny point.

Mae - Oct 2010
Case- Oct 2012

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  1. Adorable! Looks warm comfy and perfect for playing in :D
    Bonnie MS