October 18, 2012

pr&p week 6

Final week of Project Run & Play this week. One of my favorites: signature looks.

Recently I saw a girl. This girl had a bag. The bag was awesome. Black, leather, and woven like a basket. The gears started turning and I couldn't get the image out of my head as I raced home to create. And this tee was born.

These pants have a different story. A much longer birth. They have been living in my sketch book for weeks just waiting for the right fabric. A week ago, while cleaning, I came upon this green and black tee. Perfect. Lacking the fabric for a whole pair, a green dino tee was also recruited for the job.

The hat. The texture of crochet completes this look.

If I had to pick one word to describe my designs it would definitely be quirky. I love to think about prints and textures. Details and comfort. And often find myself in front of a stack of upcycled clothes, looking for inspiration.

This look sums it up perfectly.


  1. Every week your designs inspire me! Great job!

  2. This is awesome. YOU are awesome!

  3. I love love love your boy style. Congrats on winning the sew-along, you deserve it!

  4. I love your tee! I would love to see a tutorial if you were willing on how you did it- very cool look! :) Congrats on your win! :)

  5. rockin it girl. great shoulder detail. I want for myself and my boys. get on it please :)