October 30, 2012

waste management

Mae is obsessed with garbage trucks. He refers to our garbage man as 'his dude' and waits for him religiously. Monday was the first day of the week he learned, simply because that is the day our garbage is picked up. His birthday cake was definitely a garbage truck. Just last week he said his favorite part of Thursday was that he saw two garbage trucks in our neighborhood, even though it wasn't Monday. Maybe obsessed isn't a strong enough word?

So a month or so ago when we started talking about Halloween I really wasn't surprised when he said he wanted to be a garbage truck. After the preschool party fail last week I quickly got to work making his truck and even made a shirt to go with it.

The best part is, he loves it.


  1. too cute! I love it. Vince runs to the window every tuesday early morning to see the garbage truck since he was little. The garbage man waves at him and Vince always comes SPRINTING into my room {at like 6am} to tell me the man waved. So cute!

    1. Love that this obsession is global for little boys!
      So glad that our garbage man waits until after 7am to roll through the alley.