March 13, 2013

sew in tune

Bringing home a post from Sew In Tune over at Melly Sews.
Still have this song stuck in my head...

Excited to be back for the second round of Sew in Tune. 

We love music in this house. In the past months my oldest Mae has taken a liking to Yankee Doodle, which he has just recently stopped referring to as 'Yankee Noodle'. This kid has the entire song memorized at the age of 3. 

So I had my song. 
Outfit sketched. 
Set to begin sewing.
Then a week ago I just wasn't feeling it. 

As I went through my music library looking for inspiration I came upon Carly Rae Jepson's, Call Me Maybe. Have you seen this video? Love it! My favorite is the band in the garage....their skater look is definitely something I love, beanies and all. 

Bam. I had a new song and I was set.
Carly and the boy seem to wear white throughout the entire video so I created a white hoodie. I modified the Made by Rae Flashback Tee and added a pop of color with the green zipper. Wanting to keep the reference to the song somewhat subtle, I hand embroidered a phone cord and stenciled on a telephone. 

The black skinny pants were a necessity to go with Converse and beanie to mimic the band. A few months ago I bought the Skinny Jeans Pattern from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop and have never gotten around to sewing it up. Used a thicker black knit and created a 3-D back pocket to suggest an old rotary phone dial. 

Make a 3-D Zipper Pocket
Make sure to create pocket and attach to pants prior to sewing leg pieces together. 

You will need:
*If not using knit add some length to strips of fabric to account for lack of stretch in fabric. 

Place 2 strips right sides together and draw rectangle in center. 
Rectangle should be the same length as your zipper and 1/2 inch wide. 

Sew around entire rectangle.

Cut down the center of the rectangle.
Make sure to stop 1/4 inch from edge and cut Y shape towards the corners. 

Turn fabric so wrong sides are together and press. 
This step is a little finicky but use your iron and go slow. 

Place zipper behind window and sew in place using zipper foot. 
Can use pins to hold zipper in place but will have to remove them as you sew around. 

Loop strip in circle, sew 1/2 inch seam and press open. 

Sew one of the circles, right sides together, to the outside of the loop. 
This step is hard to explain. Just make sure right sides are together and push your loop inside out as you sew. 
Unzip the zipper and repeat for other side of pocket. 

Pin on pants and sew in place.
I again used my zipper foot to get as close as possible to the outside edge of the pocket. 

Zip up your pocket and finish pants according to pattern directions. 

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