September 18, 2013

pr&p week two

Week two over at Project Run & Play this week.
Candy week.

This look started with the Wonka Bar.  Actually the golden ticket was the true beginning.

Using the Oliver+S Sailboat Pant pattern I edited the shape of front placket then added gold piping. On the back I redrafted the pant to include a hidden pocket and contrast waist band, using a red stripe to pull in the wrapper color.

The shirt came next, pulling inspiration from The Oompa Loompas. I self drafted a baseball tee then used an old stripy tee and some green knit.

The final piece alludes to none other than Willy Wonka. I altered the DMK Warm Hoodie Vest pattern to create a vest that isn't quite as double breasted as the original. I also redrafted the hood to make it two pieces, simply because the print was so busy already. The most obvious change was finishing the vest with a contrast bias tape to add to the Willy Wonka vibe.

Once this look came together it struck me as a little zany for sure. 
But then again so was Wonka. 


  1. The whole outfit is fantastic! Just the perfect amount of zany :-).

  2. Yay! So fun to see this pop up in the linky party! I recognized your boy and your cool style. Nice job - and very wearable!

  3. The whole outfit is great! Love the vest fabric!

  4. So great to see more sewers in WA (I'm up in Ferndale). Your little guy is adorable. I'm going to feature my little boys next week for plaid. I might have to check out that hoodie pattern! Thanks!
    Kristi - kopykat

  5. Why have I never thought of stripes for sleeves? I love them. I wish to make a million raglan shirts like that for my son :)

  6. I love this. It's so fun and cute. The pants are just amazing.

  7. Love the shirt most of all - it is so cute on it's own! The rest is just icing on the cake - so to speak... or maybe sprinkles... how many candy references can I throw in ;) Anyhow - it all looks really great together. Perfect.

  8. Oh....I just love this look. Don't you want to make one more for my three year old?