October 21, 2013

fall kcw: day one

This is Raleigh, almost three months old.
Our third boy so really he has a gazillion hand me downs but I wanted a quick project so he got some new pants.

Used this baby pant pattern from The Purl Bee. Had made it once before in a 0-3 so sized these up and also made the legs a bit thinner for a skinnier fit. Used an old sweatshirt for the grey knit and a newborn tee for the bum insert.

The fit is good for this boy and his cloth diaper but when he has disposables these pants are much too wide.

Hopefully more to come this week.


  1. All of your boys are so cute and stylish! Seriously, if I could just come shop your boys closet that would be great! I'm always inspired by what you make for them.

  2. These look so comfy! I'll have to give this pattern a try as I'm always looking for pants that fit well over cloth diapers!