January 21, 2014


Movie week and my choice was Schindler's List.
Chosen more for the cinematography than the movie itself.
I love the grayscale that is used throughout the entire film and then one girl in a red coat.

I decided to stick with the grayscale for the entire look with a pop of red in the jacket.
Using texture to add interest instead of colors.
And doing a girl look to continue to challenge myself to create things outside of my norm.

I started with the jacket, redrafting  the Made by Rae skinny tee to create a pattern. Using black and grey fabric to create a geometric print, making sure to include one red square. I used a skinny red elastic, up cycled from some christmas coffee bags, to create the weave. I had cream chenille left over in my stash from some baby gifts I had made, so used it to add warmth to the jacket. I also loved that it gave visual interest with the vertical stripes. Having left over geometric print I also used it to make the pockets to add a little extra detail.

The tee, also created using the Made by Rae skinny tee, altered a bit to add the back yoke and button placket. The grey and white knit are both from old tees that were in my stash. The lace is from a table cloth and the buttons from a sweater that had a hole.

The skirt was made from the measurements of my model and grey fabric with a concrete print. I drew the triangle grid and then sewed to create the quilting. Lined the entire thing with the same lace from the table cloth- making the skirt fully reversible.

A huge thank you to my model and her mama for allowing me to try out a girl design this week.

Make sure you head over to the Project Run & Play website and vote for your favorite!


  1. I again simply had to vote for you! I love how you interpreted the movie challenge. And this jacket is amazing: So much work. And that red pop of color! Great

  2. WOW, what a movie inspiration!! I certainly would never have thought of that! My favorite, by far, is that quilted skirt, I just love those lines!

    1. i know...those triangle- love them.
      want something in my own wardrobe with that quilting.

  3. Wow, what a visual impact you created... with just one red square. Beautifully sewn. Congratulation on creating such a thoughtfully created outfit.

  4. love the interpretation and beautifully sewn. I love that jacket with the red square!

  5. I love your interpretation for this challenge! Your outfit is a work of art!!

  6. I love that you created your own fabric and the added texture/color element in it. And continuing with the graphic elements in the skirt. Great oufit!

  7. I am in love with that skirt Jacq! You are an amazing seamstress!

  8. Amazing how you captured the 'feel' of the movie in an outfit. Well done!

  9. Love your imagination with this one! The textures really add so much to the outfit.

  10. Whoa....had to take a double-take!! You threw me on the model....Good job, Jacq!

  11. That jacket is a piece of art!!

  12. Wow! There are so many wonderful details in this outfit. I see something else I missed every time I view these pictures. You really did a beautiful job!

  13. this was such a great outfit for PRP!!! so cute!! also, i nominated you for a liebster award over on my blog!!! not sure if you've heard about it, but go check it out: http://cottingtonssocrafty.blogspot.com/2014/02/liebster-award-nomination-holla.html