November 20, 2014

titchy threads tour

Laura has done it again- another incredible pattern, the Rowan Tee.
The best part of the pattern is the numerous options- 144 to be exact.
This is the most recent but it's is the 7th time I have made the pattern and it does not disappoint.
Here I chose to add the kangaroo pocket, shoulder stripes, and cuffs. The monster fabric is a favorite tee from when Mae was a baby that met its end when it went through the wash with a sticker. I've been waiting to repurpose it and the size was perfect for the pocket.

Probably my favorite thing about this pattern is the ability to add detail with pockets and stripes with so little fabric. It has allowed me to use a lot of old knits that I just have small pieces of. (Mae is rocking his Small Fry Skinny Jeans in green snake skin in these pics as well. )

The patterns that Laura creates are the best I have found and are my go-to for wearable ready-to-wear clothes for my boys. The ability to print layers, detailed instructions with photographs and labels, and  professional finishing techniques all make her patterns just one step above. 
With this pattern you get the added bonus of multiple combinations to create completely different looks. And the fit is spot on, not to mention you get a huge range of sizes. 

You can head over to buy the ROWAN TEE pattern here.

**Opinions stated here are completely my own. Good perspective is the last 11 pieces I have sewn for my boys have been from Laura's patterns...they are THAT good. 


  1. geez, what a cute kid! Love your version of the Rowan. :)

  2. What a great way to use up an old T-shirt and such a cool print. I love that you chose white as the base colour. Also, snakeskin skinny jeans! Amazing. Thanks so much for your kind words about my patterns and for being on the tour.

  3. Those jeans are amazing! Love the shirt paired with it. You make the coolest boy clothes. Seriously!