January 12, 2012


Today is one of my good friends sons' birthday, he is turning two. Although I will be out of town for the party this weekend I wanted to make a gift that my husband and son could take along. As I browsed my bookmarks and the Internet for a good gift for a two year old boy I came up with nothing! I saw tons of cute ideas for clothes and accessories but having just had Christmas with a two year old I realize clothes don't mean a whole lot at that age.

I began to admit defeat and headed to the website of our locally owned toy store. I came upon a list of top selling toys, one of which being a bowling pin set. As the gears turned in my mind I knew this was perfect- I could create my own. I had seen this tutorial over on Ruffles And Stuff for a monster faced pillow and loved the faces and thought I could maybe use the idea. Monster face bowling pins? So I set to work. Here is how they turned out.
Their bodies are made from felt that has been sewn together and stuffed with poly fill and rice to help them stand. Then I hot glued their felt faces and they are ready to play. I contemplating making a ball but decided to buy one because the pins need the weight to tumble and fall.

*I must thank my husband for his part in creating some of the faces. By far my favorite is the snowboarder which truly resembles him most weekends of the winter.

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