January 15, 2012

Known as B

It was a year ago today that we had to put down our first dog Wilson; also known as Bubba (B).

Shortly after my husband and I got married I saw an ad for dachshund puppies and convinced my husband to 'just go look'. For any of you that have ever gone to 'just look' at any kind of puppies you know how this story ends. Of course the same story was true for us.  It was only after the seller commented that her litter of pups 'were no more than a new set of tires' that Wilson's fate was sealed. Regardless of his severe malnourishment and body full of fleas he made the ride home with us.  With hopes of a better life for our little man we drove home passing Wilson Road, giving our pup his name.
That dog meant the world to us, he was truly our first child. He loved the snow and to run. He chewed a baseball size hole in our flat drywall bedroom wall.  Although he never raced we're pretty sure he could have won any wiener dog race.  He was more loyal than any dog I have ever owned.

As is common for wiener dogs he hurt his back and after the third injury Wil let us know it was his time. Mae had recently turned one and we didn't yet know I was pregnant with Case. The decision was by far the hardest I have had to make to date and the night prior the most difficult.

As I sit here one year later it seems only fitting that there is snow in the city; a testament to me that Wil is up there. Although there are still occasional tears shed I hope he knows how much he influenced our relationship and how thankful we are for him.  My husband and I often say that we began with B.

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  1. Bubba will always be in our hearts as our first child. Not a single day goes by without me missing his bark, his joyful energy, his forever devoted nature when he would come find you to snuggle at the end of every night. He was the perfect dog, the prefect companion, and a true soulmate to my wife and I. That day a year ago was truly the hardest day of my life to date, saying 'goodbye' was so hard. But he and I had a connection that is unexplainable to others and he truly told me that he was ready, that he didn't want surgery, that he didn't want treatment and rehab. He was at peace to go and wasn't afraid. I know he's up there and the snow was his way of telling us that he's still loving on us. Thanks sweetpea for this awesome post dedicated to our beloved Wil aka Bubba aka B aka Blackness aka Chubba the Hut aka...