February 9, 2012

Another Shirt

After making the last Easy Linen Shirt for Mae my mom had suggested possibly making one out of fleece because it would have more stretch than just cotton. I have held the idea in my head and when I was going through my fabric stash last week I found a piece of blue fleece left over from a baby blanket I had made almost 5 years ago. There was just enough left to cut out the shirt. I figured I had nothing to lose since I already had the fabric- if the idea bombed I would throw it away and move on.

When I began sewing the shirt up I was quickly reminded how much I dislike working with fleece, especially for clothing. Yes it's great because it doesn't fray but it's just so thick and awkward to work with. I couldn't finish the front of the shirt exact to the pattern because of the thickness but because it doesn't fray it worked out. Like the first shirt I added a hood because figured a fleece collar might really be odd.

The other addition was the knit stripes on the sleeves. Awhile back there was a boy at the playground with a tee shirt with similar stripes. I loved the look and wondered if it would add some interest to an all blue shirt. I used turquoise thread for all the top stitching to add some extra color. I also added the same turquoise to the neck of the shirt to hide the seam.

Overall I am happy with it. More importantly Mae loves it. He calls it his 'coat with no zipper'.

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