February 8, 2012

boy play: cloud dough

Have you heard of it? I have read about it on numerous blogs and really wanted to try it simply because I was intrigued. Moldable like play dough but crumbly at the same time? Definitely interested. The ingredients are simple: flour and baby oil.

Oh. My. Gosh. Cloud dough equals a HUGE mess. This might be because Mae is two and was really enjoying himself but I had put out a drop cloth and we still had it everywhere. And of course in the three minutes I go to put Case to bed even Bailey our wiener dog started eating some! The kitchen sink, vacuum, laundry machine, and the bath tub were all involved in the clean up. Mess is an understatement.

With that fair warning, cloud dough really is wonderful! All the raves are true and it kept Mae entertained for longer than any other art supply we have ever used. We made cupcakes, avalanches, roads, tunnels, and eggs that Mae cracked to discover hidden treasure inside. Even I couldn't keep my hands out of it.

We used 2 cups flour and 1/4 cup baby oil and had plenty for Mae to play with on two different occasions. We lost quite a bit both times to the floor and the dog but still have some in a tupperware waiting for the next time. I am unsure of how long or well it keeps but after a week in a tupperware it still maintains the same consistency.

Try it, I think you will love it.

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