April 21, 2012

more tops

Today is the last day of the Spring Top Sewalong over at Made by Rae. I added two more tops; both black of course! Like most things in my life once I do something once I do it over and over. Apparently the same is true about making tops for myself.

 The first is another similar to this shirt that I made but didn't really like the fabric. This time I used an old black maternity skirt and a huge t-shirt for the fabric. I made the cuff on the arms a little tighter and just hemmed the bottom instead of adding a band. I like that front just looks like a black tee but the back has some stripes and resembles a baseball tee.

 The second was an attempt at a basic black v-neck tee. I say attempt because I had some issues with this one. I bought some black thrifted 100% cotton knit but apparently missed the enormous screen print. Oops. So I cut out the pattern pieces for the shirt avoiding most of the screen print but didn't have enough fabric to completely miss it. So I cut out the stripey knit to use in its place. I actually really like the placement of the stripes on the front side but am not crazy about the ones on the back. And then the v-neck. Working with the binding to form the v and get it sewed on properly was definitely trial and error. I think I finally figured it out on my 6th attempt. Thankfully I am stubborn but I was close to making it a scoop neck.

 It's nice to have a few new tops in my wardrobe. Stuff that is actually long enough and comfy enough to pair with the yoga pants that I wear all week.

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