April 24, 2012

kcwc day one

A new long sleeve for Mae. Really I just grabbed two scrap tees from the goodwill pile to try a pattern for sizing. However, when I tried it on Mae he asked "what's on it?". Of course nothing was not a good enough answer so the 'up and down' (aka excavator) became our afternoon art project. I cut the stencil from freezer paper and he help me paint.

I used the existing hems from the two shirts and of course my serger. Pattern is self drafted from one of his old tees. Seriously a half hour project- if even. And after the 70+ weather in the city yesterday I thought twice about more long sleeves. Today brought 50's and rain and reality quickly hit.

I have now spent 3+ hours on stinking pants I am trying to refashion but am about ready to trash them. I think I am too bull headed though. Hopefully tonight I'll have a finished product to show for day two. We'll see.

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