May 22, 2012

easy linen shirt

Another one.

Remember this easy linen shirt that I made months ago for our family pictures? Well this yellow one was actual made the day prior to the blue one to check the size from the pattern. I quickly realized it was much too big so scaled it down and just tossed the yellow one to the side.

When cleaning up my sewing space after the mess I created during KCWC I ran into the yellow shirt again that still needed a collar and hem. I had seen a shirt with a circle pocket on Pinterest so used the same idea to add some color to this shirt. Plus I decided to make the collar from the pattern instead of adding a hood.

Some things I realize after completing this shirt: 1) This yellow is not my thing, mustard definitely but not this shade.  2) Wish I would have added the hood.  3) Love the pocket! Will use the idea again.

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