May 21, 2012

radio silence

We have been on vacation. A real vacation- including my husband and everything. When we realized last month that my husband hasn't taken a single vacation in two and half years we decided it was definitely time to go!

We packed our car, dropped the dog off at the grandparents and headed east for the Balloon Stampede and to celebrate Mother's Day. The balloons were probably the highlight of my entire week. With weather in the mid 80's they were able to launch three mornings in a row and what a way to start each day!

Watching balloons with grandpa.
So many balloons!
The moon was still up!
Balloon getting ready to touch down. The best part: we got to watch them deflate the entire thing. The boys were enthralled with how huge these things are when you are standing underneath them. 
Case balloon watching in pjs getting plenty of love from his favorite uncle. 
Eating stinky hay in the field as we watched the balloons touch down. 
Baby Ahmad- love this kid!!
Swinging cousins. They are only a few months apart in age but you would never know it because Case is such a bruiser. 
Headed to the toy store with grandma. We were at the toy store each and every day of the trip and an enormous Bruder truck was requested for a birthday that is still 4 months away!
Like father... son.
Feeding the mules down great grandpa and grandma's lane. 
It has been nice to be home but getting back into the routine always takes a bit of work. Have some projects to share and some that I want to get started but will see what this week holds.

Happy Monday!

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