May 2, 2012


You can learn a lot from people by following them on pinterest. Its also a great way to find ideas for gifts because people often pin things they want.

Back in March my friend had her birthday. Being out of town had allowed me to get birthday gifts done but of course weeks went by and this one never got delivered. I finally remembered to bring it along and wish her a happy birthday. I had done my research on her pinterest and found this photo. No pattern just a picture.
I did some research, tried a few things, thought about it, tried a few more things and finally came up with something I liked. Added a vintage button from my grandmother's collection and called it good.

PATTERN: crochet headband

10mm hook- size P (it's huge!)

ch = chain
sc = single crochet
slst = slip stitch
dc = double crochet

Form slip knot on your hook. Chain 40.

Row 1: ch 2   sc 5   dc 18   sc 17

Row 2: slst 17   dc 18   slst 5

Row 3: ch 2   sc 1   c1   sc 3   dc 18   sc 17 (button hole will form in this row)

Row 4: slst 17   dc 18   sc 17

Row 5: ch 2   sc 5   dc 18    sc 17

Weave in ends. Add button.

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