May 31, 2012

monkey placket

Remember this sheet my good friend gave me because it had a hole? Well I had used some of it to make a quick size check for this tee before I pieced the entire back. I had put this brown one to the side not intending to come back to it anytime soon, if at all. However, when starting in on the placket idea I read woven fabric is easier than knit so out came the brown shirt.

As I searched for resources to make the placket I came across this tutorial and also this one. Even with these tutorials there was still quite a bit of winging it since I tend to be a visual learner and the tutorials left me with questions. I was planning on adding some kind of closure on the placket but it ended up being shorter than I imagined and so just left it open. Plus the neckline is a little big anyway so it falls nicer without buttons.

I needed to add a bit of length on the sleeves to make them long enough for Mae so added cuffs. I can thank my husband for only of of them being monkey fabric- definitely his idea but I love the look.

Mae was in rare form for pictures. Having learned the robot yesterday at school he was demonstrating his skills for the camera. The fact that I got a few shots that aren't blurry is pretty incredible!


  1. Oh my goodness, how I love this shirt and how I love all the awesome shots of Mae! So well done! Let's get together soon!