June 8, 2012


Thank goodness it's Friday! It has definitely been a week; with sick boys the last couple days I'm ready for the weekend. I have a couple projects I've been working on but they were postponed for sleep, thanks to middle of the night feedings, again. Next week hopefully.

Here is a super quick and easy project, perfect for Friday. Scarves are my new love; light weight knit scarves that is. I pretty much wear jeans and a dark tee daily- no lie. So the scarf adds a little more interest to my ensemble and keeps my hair away from Case and his chubby fingers.

I bought this cool piece of pink stripey knit at the thrift store recently for something like $2 and it's huge! Maybe two yards? So late last night I cut off a piece, pulled the edges to roll them a bit, and tied the ends together. That's it. New scarf for Friday and another to add to the rotation.

Happy Friday!

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