June 5, 2012

What to do? What to do?

The placket in knit...oh my. Wherever I read plackets are easier on a woven than a knit was no joke. It's not hard on a knit just trickier and knit is so much less forgiving.

This one still has a pucker to it that I couldn't perfect that will irk me every time Mae wears it. Oh and no buttons. Small detail.

I did learn how to use the button hole foot on my machine and I did successfully make multiple button holes. Just none of them were on this actual shirt. I attempted two on this green shirt and after spending over a half hour tearing them out I admitted defeat. At least next time I know the button holes need to go in prior to finishing the placket and the neckline.

So what do I do with this placket?
Leave it open?
Sew it closed and add the buttons just for looks?
Or add snaps?

Hmmmmm...I'm really leaning towards snaps. Then at least the process of adding the placket wasn't in vain.
this kid

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