September 27, 2012

pr&p week 3

This week was the white sheet challenge. I was super excited for this challenge but then almost decided to do nothing at all. It's like a blank canvas was lacking any structure and I couldn't come up with something I was passionate about making. Then along came Mae.

We were trying to get out the door the other day and he decides that he wants to wear a pink hoodie. Well he doesn't have a pink hoodie. As I deliver this message to him he comes right back with 'well can you make me one?' Bam. I had my inspiration for the white sheet challenge.

I used a white knit sheet instead of a white cotton and started by dyeing it pink. I was going to leave it at that and use the cow pattern for boy week but my husband thought the cows would make it unique. As if a pink hoodie weren't enough, ha. So I stamped some black cows here and there and added a few white ones, just because.

I used the Flashback Skinny Tee pattern from Rae and just sized up a size. I had to add a half inch on the fold of the front to insert the zipper. Also took off some of the length on the bottom to add the knit band. Self drafted the hood and serged all the seams then left them exposed.

My biggest concern was the zipper, having never done one on a garment. It was ridiculously straight forward and only a little tricky to ensure that the pockets and ribbing lined up. I love the look of the chunky zipper, which Mae can handle himself! Plus the lightweight knit is perfect for a fall hoodie especially under his rain coat.
Recognize his tee? Stolen from my girl look last week, silly boy.
Pants blogged here. Made them during spring KCWC.

Fall KCWC is in?


  1. Agreed. He can definitely rock pink. Good job on the zipper, I'd be scared too.

  2. OK, this outfit is so totally awesome. Love that you used Rae's tee pattern for the hoodie!