October 4, 2012

pr&p week 4

Boys' week over at Project Run & Play this week.

I started this week with an idea in my head and a rough sketch of the pants and jacket. When I moved to my fabric stash I fell in love with the giraffe print for the jacket, especially since it is a sweatshirt fleece material. As the other fabrics fell in place and I sewed and pieced things together I realized I had created an animal focused look.

Hello Zoo was born.

The pants were the one piece that I knew immediately. I wanted to make pants with all the details, including a waistband, but I wanted them to be knit. Mae has plenty of pants out of nice cotton but he still only wants to wear athletic pants. These pants are the compromise; knit for comfort plus all the details, including a zebra stripe back pocket.

The jacket is a mutant of the Oliver + S Sailboat top. After making this top a few weeks ago I loved the look of one side closed and the other open. After fiddling with the pieces a bit I figured out a way to add a zipper to the open side to create a jacket. I really wanted to add a hood but with it being fall in Seattle, the rain is destine to return as will Mae's raincoat. Without a hood this jacket is perfect for a warmth layer.

The green tee was created using the Flashback Skinny Tee Pattern from Rae. I added a super skinny rib knit for the neckband to create a wider look that wouldn't stick up under the jacket. I also added a four inch cuff on each sleeve for a bit of a different look.

This wasn't the look I pictured in my head a week ago but as the weeks go by I am realizing this is true each and every week.
He turned three this past weekend. Anytime you ask him how old he is, this is the response. 

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  1. This is awesome! Since I was sick this week, I am picking my favs and putting them on my blog! I love your mutant O+S Sailboat top! Great job!