January 24, 2013

pr&p week three

Week three. Boy week- by far my favorite!

I started out this week with the blazer, intended for Case. The kid really needs some new jackets/hoodies but when I misjudged the size, the blazer was passed up. I was then on the mission to create a few pieces to complete the look for Mae.

The green fabric was an easy choice, Mae will wear anything green. It is a super thick interlock knit from Stitch Simple that I had ordered a few weeks ago with prize money from a sew-along challenge last season. With the stripey knit, black top-stitching, and pouch back pocket these are Mae's new favorite 'comfy pants'. 

The turquoise tee, although a bit much with the green pant, was the perfect compliment under the dark blazer. We have a great love of chop sticks in this house so it seemed the right decal for the back of the shirt. 

The blazer actually began as a picture in my head as I have followed the Basic Bodice Design Series over on icandy handmade. I know there are quite a few patterns out there for blazers but I wanted to see if I could design one based on a basic bodice, especially since I wanted the collar a bit different. The blazer is fully lined and all knit so wears just like a hoodie, comfy enough for a boy to run and play in. 


Pattern- Oliver+S Sailboat Tee bodice- self drafted from there
Fabric- Body- Interlock knit upcycled from old polo 
            Lining- from my grandma's stash (I had a tee of this crazy bear fabric as a young kid!) 

Pattern- Made by Rae skinny tee with freezer paper stencil
Fabric- upcycled turquoise tee 

Pattern- self drafted
Fabric- green interlock knit from here- love this stuff
             lining fabric upcycled from old pair of baby pants


  1. That bear fabric is seriously adorable!

  2. I love the colors you chose and those pants are adorable!

  3. When I saw the picture, I thought 'a spoon and chopsticks....awesome!' Love the knit blazer... Clean lines and total comfort, hmmmm methinks I need to make a knit blazer/hoodie;op

  4. I love this. I love your style so much!

  5. We featured you on our blog. Thanks for sewing along! http://shaffer-sisters.blogspot.com/2013/02/prp-sew-along-winter-2013.html
    With Love,
    Shaffer Sisters