January 17, 2013

pr&p week two

Week two over at Project Run & Play and the theme this week was Stripes and Polka Dots.

I wasn't so sure about polka dots for a boy but I was reminded of this teeny skully print on an old polo and I knew it was perfect for the week. Looks like polka dots from far away but close up its teeny skulls. Love it!

Mae has grown like a weed in the past few months. Things I made him during the fall season of pr&p already don't fit him! So I set to work to create a few new items for him, including a pair of 'comfy pants.' (The only thing the kid will wear and really I don't blame him.)

Both pants and tee are too big but still wearable. Hoping he will get a few more things next week during boys week.


Pattern- O+S Sailboat Tee with multiple modifications
Fabric- Jersey knit upcycled from old polo as well as black knit from a knit tee 

Pattern- self drafted based on a pair of his sweats with an addition of details
Fabric- Sweatshirt knit from gray up-cycled sweatpants and striped knit from a thrifted knit tee


  1. Great look! Love the pants :)
    (And if you ask me: of course boys can wear polka dots too!)

  2. Wish I could get away with comfy pants every day. And they don't stop growing like a weed...my 14 year old grew 6 inches in 4 months. It's crazy I tell you. Seriously love the look, especially the contrasting pants.

  3. so fun, I like that your 'dots' are little skulls and cross bones!!!

  4. So cool! Love your design! And yes, the 3 - 6 months is tiny enough! I honestly felt like I was making doll clothes. IT looks bigger in the photos, but I'm pretty sure it would fit an American girl doll! (Sorry, my comment system is off and I couldn't email you back!)

  5. oh i like your look too! so clever, the skulls really do look like dots from far away. my 3yo would wear comfy pants every single day too. i love being able to make my kids clothes that are both comfy and stylish though.

  6. You are the most awesome sportswear designer. I need lessons....you have such great style.