October 27, 2013

fall kcw: day six and seven

A couple more things to finish up the week.
The first was a quick fix on a jacket I made last year.

Case pulled out this giraffe jacket and wanted to wear it.
However, the knit I had used had rolled and even though I hemmed it, wouldn't stay unrolled.
Totally not a big deal but enough to completely annoy me, so I fixed it by adding a piece of webbing along the bottom.

The second top was a little more work than the other things I have made this week, but not much.
I used the See Kate Sew Recess Raglan and added a placket and finished the edges with knit binding.

But oops....I didn't pay attention to the sizing chart and made a 4T.
Big mistake. It was much too big for my 4 year old who is tall and thin.
Oh well...something he will grow into in time.


  1. Hello! I read your comment on my blog but accidentally hit delete instead of publish - it seems this is un-undoable... so i thought I'd just drop in here and say thanks! Your boys are gorgeous and that knight costume is AWESOME! I love Richard Scarry too :)

  2. What a cute jacket! The button placket turned out so well on the t-shirt. I see you had the same issue with arm length as me. Oh well, it looks really cute on him anyway!