July 22, 2014

kcw day one

Day one of Kids Clothes Week for summer.

This boy is quickly growing out of every single thing in his drawers so he was in desperate need of new clothes. Of course super heroes is the only thing he wants to rock right now so I got on board. Green Lantern was an obvious choice since he is still loving the color green. I used the Recess Raglan  Pattern but made the collar a bit wider than the pattern called for to mimic the almost cowl neck that Green Lantern wears.

The shorts were a quick and easy project as well. Stolen from my husband I used the Oliver + S Sunny Day Shorts pattern with a bit of alterations. Added some pockets and a couple inches of length. Then left them with no hem- similar to what I had seen Kristen do over here.  The pattern is free and fits great- a perfect basic pattern for lots of customizing.

Mae was thrilled and I'm just happy he's wearing something that fits!


  1. I love a good upcycle. Nice work. And very cool graphic on the tee - the green lantern... what's the story?

    1. the green lantern....superhero. he wears a special green power ring and runs with Superman.
      the older my boys get the more I learn about these things :)