July 23, 2014

kcw day two

Day two and the superhero theme continues.
This time with Captain America. He's really not my cup of tea but Mae loves him. Maybe it's the shield?! I'm not exactly sure.

Once again the Sunny Day Shorts (an awesome versatile FREE pattern). This time I added a bit more length to a size 6 and made them out of a thrifted knit. With a thick elastic waist band and a couple of pockets that hopefully move them away from 4th of July and more towards Captain America. Either way this boy loves them.

The tank was a spur of the moment I-have-black-thread-on-my-serger type of thing. I didn't want to rethread so instead found some black knit to upcycle and used the Flashback Skinny Tee.  I took an inch out of the shoulder seams and dropped the armscye a half an inch on each side. Was a fast top using existing hems and a quick binding around the exposed edges. Mae put it on first thing this morning and wore all day- even though it was pouring rain and 60 degrees.

Alright. Back to sewing to see if I can finish another piece tonight.


  1. These are so great!!! We'd (as and Max-California and myself, Kat from Sew Chibi) would love it if you might want to add it to our Sew Geeky linky party for Marvel vs DC!!! www.sewgeekyseries.blogspot.com!!!

  2. These are too cute! I love them! I've got to check out that pattern!