January 19, 2012


One of my all time favorite games, memory. As a kid my siblings and I spent multiple hours playing the old school Milton-Bradley version. I loved it! As Mae started to get old enough for games I couldn't help but go out and buy a version for him. However, I soon realized that a two year old not only lacks the attention span for a very long game but also the cards were bent and twisted in a short amount of time. So last September as his birthday approached I thought I would create a version that could stand up to a two year olds wear and tear.

With inches of snow in the city we are stuck mostly inside and found this set of cards dejected in the bottom of the duplo bin. It must have been tossed aside for all the trucks and other toys he received for his birthday and soon after Christmas. And honestly I forgot about them! With their rediscovery today Mae was so excited and we have played many rounds this morning.
The truck fabric is actually from a queen sheet that I bought at Goodwill assuming it was a twin. (Really who would need a queen sheet with this print? Maybe why I found it at Goodwill.) I cut the sheet down and finished it for Mae's twin bed and saved the extra knowing I'd find a use. I cut out two of each truck, a spotted backing, and a batting piece to make them a bit thicker. Sewed right sides together, turned inside out and topstitched all the way around making sure to close the opening. They came together fast and are definitely durable.

I see many games of memory in our future. What is scary is Mae is really good.


  1. sorry but the listed post can no longer be found :<)

    1. Just follow her simple directions under picture above.

  2. I am making these right now and I thank you.