April 28, 2012

kcwc day five

Yesterday was a bit of a stretch to get the hour of sewing in but I did it!

Nothing too exciting. Another pair of pants for Case, just super simplified. Have some really cute knit that I want to make more pants out of but then we struggle to match tops. So opted for black knit which should match most anything. My sister says they mimic Lululemon pants.  These honestly take half hour top. Have considered another pair using the existing hem on a shirt, speeding up the process even more.

Also did some hand sewing to finish this alligator vest. Hoping to get some pictures of Mae wearing it today.

Happy Saturday!

April 27, 2012

kcwc day four

I bought this pattern. Most things I do for the boys are just self drafted but I bought this one because figured it would be quicker than drafting my own. I was wrong. This vest took me longer than any other garment I have sewed thus far, even the little work pant refashion was quicker.

But with so much time and work I love the outcome. Everything for this vest was upcycled from my stash, The seersucker fabric from old pants, the alligator fabric from a sheet, the pockets from an old knit tee, even the batting is leftover pieces from a quilt I made for Mae.

I added length to the pattern and am glad I did. I also thought for it to be practical in this city's spring it needed thickness so I added a layer of quilt batting for warmth. I also added interior knit pockets so we can continue to find rocks and sticks in our washing machine. Copied Sophie of Cirque Du Bebe for the closure, even down to the fabric covered buttons. The buttons are probably my favorite part.

Mae didn't own a vest until now. When I showed him he asked "What's this? A jacket without sleeves?" He is spot on. A necessity when your spring consists of 50 something and rain most days.

It's day five of kcwc today and don't have much to show for it yet. Hoping to get some sewing done later tonight after the boys are down.

April 26, 2012

kcwc day three

More pants.

Same pattern as these for Case just a different knit. These one have more stretch so they are actually a little big for him but still look super cute and comfy.

Finally the refashion project is complete! Took a pair of my husband's old dress pants and shrunk them. We actually got a good laugh because they are a mini version of what his pants were. Wish I had a picture to show you. I used this pattern as a loose guide but mostly just tried them on Mae a bunch of different times until the fit seemed correct.

Have had today to sew a whole bunch with Mae at his grandparents. Almost done with a vest from this pattern. Hope to have it up tomorrow.

April 25, 2012

kcwc day two

I actually made something for Case. I know crazy! 

So have you seen these adorable pants over on Cirque Du Bebe? She is calling them Sarouel's and I love the look. Although they seem too baby looking for Mae so I thought it was the perfect project for Case. Plus the kid is so big he has grown out of most of his pants and needs new ones anyway.

Late last night I drafted a pattern and threw these together. When I went to put them on him they were too small! I forgot to account for his huge cloth diaper bum. So this morning I added an extra piece to them and actually like how they came out. Definitely going to make another now that I have a pattern that will fit.

These pants for Mae were another new pattern, another self drafted. So I grabbed the green alligator thrifted sheet and tried these out. I like the crop look and the fit. When I tried them on him this morning for fit he wouldn't take them off. So I snapped some pictures and sent him off to school. Will make some more pants with the pattern, this time with pockets and now that I know they fit!

The pant refashion is still not done! All they need is a hem which I'm hoping to finish today.

April 24, 2012

kcwc day one

A new long sleeve for Mae. Really I just grabbed two scrap tees from the goodwill pile to try a pattern for sizing. However, when I tried it on Mae he asked "what's on it?". Of course nothing was not a good enough answer so the 'up and down' (aka excavator) became our afternoon art project. I cut the stencil from freezer paper and he help me paint.

I used the existing hems from the two shirts and of course my serger. Pattern is self drafted from one of his old tees. Seriously a half hour project- if even. And after the 70+ weather in the city yesterday I thought twice about more long sleeves. Today brought 50's and rain and reality quickly hit.

I have now spent 3+ hours on stinking pants I am trying to refashion but am about ready to trash them. I think I am too bull headed though. Hopefully tonight I'll have a finished product to show for day two. We'll see.

April 21, 2012

more tops

Today is the last day of the Spring Top Sewalong over at Made by Rae. I added two more tops; both black of course! Like most things in my life once I do something once I do it over and over. Apparently the same is true about making tops for myself.

 The first is another similar to this shirt that I made but didn't really like the fabric. This time I used an old black maternity skirt and a huge t-shirt for the fabric. I made the cuff on the arms a little tighter and just hemmed the bottom instead of adding a band. I like that front just looks like a black tee but the back has some stripes and resembles a baseball tee.

 The second was an attempt at a basic black v-neck tee. I say attempt because I had some issues with this one. I bought some black thrifted 100% cotton knit but apparently missed the enormous screen print. Oops. So I cut out the pattern pieces for the shirt avoiding most of the screen print but didn't have enough fabric to completely miss it. So I cut out the stripey knit to use in its place. I actually really like the placement of the stripes on the front side but am not crazy about the ones on the back. And then the v-neck. Working with the binding to form the v and get it sewed on properly was definitely trial and error. I think I finally figured it out on my 6th attempt. Thankfully I am stubborn but I was close to making it a scoop neck.

 It's nice to have a few new tops in my wardrobe. Stuff that is actually long enough and comfy enough to pair with the yoga pants that I wear all week.

<center><a href="http://www.made-by-rae.com/spring-tops/" ><img


Next week is Kids Clothing Week Challenge hosted by Elsie Marley. A challenge to sew for an hour a day for an entire week, all kids clothes. Definitely something I am up for. Head over to flickr to see.

April 18, 2012

thank you's

My birthday was back in March and it is always April before I get my thank you cards out. I wanted to make them this year because it seems much more personal. But even a homemade thank you card ends up in the recycle bin.

Around Christmas I saw these things popping up on blogs that I read as well as Pinterest. Thought this was the perfect idea for thank you cards. Who wouldn't want some candy to show up in their mail box? So last week while Mae was in school I gathered my supplies and set to work.

Here's the issue I ran into. The post office. The envelopes weren't completely flat because of the candy so I ended up paying a ridiculous rate for shipping. Gah. Oh well. I sent them anyway. Maybe a flat candy would work better? I'll have to try that next.

April 17, 2012

knit cowl

Spring has finally seemed to arrive in our part of the world. I wanted to make an infinity scarf that wasn't knit or crochet that could be worn in the warmer weather. Found this really nice black and white polka dot knit in my stash- pretty sure it came from this little fabric store in my hometown. A half yard was just enough to fold in half and then sew in the round for a good cowl. Sent it on to my mom for her help with my boys. Apparently need to make another for myself now!

April 14, 2012

another shirt for me!

A few weeks ago my good friend said she had a sheet for me. Apparently their fitted sheet had a hole so she gave me the flat one to use as fabric. I considered making something for the boys but was informed the fabric was too feminine. Instead I repurposed it into a new top for me.

The pattern is similar to a shirt I own but I altered a few things. I took out some of the puff in the shoulders, added some length to the sleeves, and added a drop back with a ribbon tie. The green ribbon adds a nice color pop to contrast with the neutrals of the fabric.

I am starting to like this sewing for me. Now I just need to try an actual pattern.

April 13, 2012

six months old

Suddenly Case has started to sit up and is almost crawling. Currently worming himself to get where need be.
We can now take pictures of them sitting side by side. Love it.

Happy Friday!

April 12, 2012


This crazy shirt was chosen to be voted on. I cannot even believe it! So head over here and vote for your favorite.

I'm actually a bit torn; I love this shirt that Kristin made from skirt as top. Maybe not the fabric but the pattern for sure. Which is the same dilemma I have with my top, love the pattern, not necessarily the fabric.

So where do I cast my vote?

April 11, 2012


Apparently preschool has spirit week, at least the school Mae attends does. Regardless he only goes to school once a week and so his day for spirit week happened to be costume day. He has talked about nothing else for the last couple weeks and what's he want to be? An elephant of course!
Armed with a few thrifted grey tee shirts I set to work to create an elephant hoodie. Although rather ridiculous I absolutely fell in love with it. My husband insisted it needed a tail to be a legit costume and he was right- the tail made the shirt.

I used the same pattern that I used to create this tee and finished it with a hood instead of ribbing. I added a thin layer of interfacing to the ears to add some structure but not enough to make them stiff and uncomfortable. I used three pieces of knit to braid a tail and then cut the end to resemble the hair on the end of an elephant tail. Although the tail was important to the costume look of the shirt for everyday where it seems a bit over the top so I added a snap. This way the tail can easily come or go depending on occasion. Unfortunately the big ears aren't removable but really a solid grey hoodie wouldn't quite fit into Mae's wardrobe- it'd be much too plain!

He ran into school this morning over the top excited to show his teacher his elephant hoodie. I'm kind of glad he insisted on being an elephant- one of my favorite creations to date.
don't forget the elephant print jordan's

April 10, 2012


I had mentioned these sugar cookies awhile back but never got around to posting the recipe. They are my go to recipe for sugar cookies and are just so very tasty! Surprise ingredient: sour cream.

I made them again this past weekend for Easter. The thing about this recipe is it makes tons of cookies. I used to half it but if I am going to make a big mess anyway I might as well do a full batch. I have started doing half the cookies in holiday shapes, or whatever shape I'm making them for, and cut the rest in circles. I freeze the circles and always find a use for them. And they withstand freezing wonderfully!

So last year about this time my mom found this old school bunny cookie store at a thrift store. I love it! We pulled it out and set to work.

Sugar Cookies

1/2 c butter
1/2 c shortening
1 tsp vanilla
2 c sugar

Beat in 2 eggs and 1 c sour cream.

Mix in:
5 c flour
1/4 tsp baking soda
4 tsp baking powder

Roll out and cut with cookie cutters. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes or until lightly browned. 

April 8, 2012

for me

Sewing for me. I know, crazy. With all the projects I do sewing for myself is just not one of them- until now. Made by Rae is having a Spring Top Sewalong and it was just the motivation I needed to try something for myself.

The shirt I used as a pattern is a knit tee from Aritzia that I just love. If it is clean, I wear it. It is long enough for my torso, it's comfy, plus it's black. The fabric I used was a cotton/poly knit found at a thrift store in my hometown. Honestly, I strongly dislike the fabric. The color is not a tone of grey and the stripes are just a little too wide. I have the same fabric in grey- which I love but didn't want to use it because I was afraid I'd mess up. As luck would have it the shirt turned out fine and I'm wishing I used the grey.

As a first attempt at sewing for myself I'm pleased. Will I wear the shirt everyday? Probably not but I already have plans for another top and that is what excites me!

April 1, 2012


My husband was in Dallas last week for business which is where my aunt lives. She is one aunt I don't get to see nearly enough so had tried to go along but the timimg didn't work out with other trips. I wanted to send something along to show our love and had seen these potholders at Anthropologie. Liked the design but wasn't crazy about the fabric so set about to make my own version. I made the bias tape so the project took longer than anticipated. Still in shock that I actually completed both of them in time but really fell in love with the lemon fabric. I have more of it but not sure what to use it for.